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Hiring Apparatus was one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. They have almost completely freed me up from sitting at my computer, reconciling budgets with my own makeshift system.

The day to day results make me feel like I’ve hired a business manager, but at a fraction of the cost. They’ve given me the confidence to hire an employee and take on more work than I would have previously.

I’m also looking forward to not being stressed out at tax time, knowing how much I’m going to owe, instead of it being a mystery. I’d recommend Apparatus to any contractor who doesn’t already have an office staff.

Bill S., President Spice Industries, LLC

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What We Do

We Simplify Your Business and Amplify Your Income

Apparatus Contractor Services was designed with the contractor in mind. We’re in the business of powering your bookkeeping so your time can be spent producing and profiting.

We structured Apparatus so that we can offer each contractor the services that address their most basic business needs. Once you’re a client enjoying bookkeeping, payroll, and financial reporting, you’ll gain the valuable insight you need to make game-changing decisions for your business. 

What We Offer

Apparatus Contractor Services provides Full Service Accounting.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Apparatus Contractor Services provides Full Service Marketing

Full Service Payroll

What You Gain

Maximize your time by spending it on what you’re great at – your trade!


It seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to properly manage your books and your other administrative, bookkeeping, and business tasks. Yet all of these are needed to keep you in control of your business! Maximize your time by spending it on what you’re great at – your trade!

Administrative tasks don’t make you money – your trade does. Let the Apparatus Team help!


You know every administrative task is important, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one doing that work. Most of all, administrative tasks don’t make you money – your trade does. Find freedom from stress and focus on what matters: delivering your service to your clients.

Outsourcing your back office services will allow you to focus on growing your client base


You know that the key to growth is a successful, finished product. Outsourcing your back office services will allow you to focus on growing your client base and maintaining great relationships with existing clients, contractors, and suppliers.

Our Clients

You Own Your Own Business - let Apparatus Contractor Services manage your back office.

You Own Your Own Business

Even if you’re not yet an LLC, you think and operate like a business owner. As a result, you take your business seriously and want it to perform as best it can. You have committed to your industry and look forward to longevity and profitability for your business.

You Do Business with Ambition. So does Apparatus Contractor Services!

You Do Business with Ambition

Your business goals are clear and you’re determined to achieve them. You take action when you find a solution that will help get you there. With effort and skill, you understand that almost all that you aspire to is attainable. Similarly, you know that delegating tasks to the best person or team for the job is the easiest way to run your company. In addition, you’ll boost your profits and increase your free time.

You Embrace Technology

You Embrace Technology

Recognizing how technology can streamline business and widen communication, you’ve jumped right in. You own a smartphone and you’re comfortable with its basic functions: email, web browsing, capturing images and using basic apps. Because you’re focused on success, you’re intrigued by technology. You’re curious about what it might be able to do for your business – even if you haven’t explored it yet.

Focus on your clients, not your administrative tasks. Let Apparatus Contractor Services help you succeed!

You Love Your Trade

You have a 100% commitment to your trade and to providing ethical services for your customers. Because there is pride in what you do, you strive to be a business that enhances the value of your community and upholds the reputation of your industry.

We Simplify Your Business and Amplify Your Income

Who We Help

We work with all residential and commercial construction tradesmen and women, general contractors, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, plasterers, HVAC contractors, and more!

Apparatus could help any business from any industry, but from the beginning, we chose to focus specifically on the needs of small contractors. We strive to provide an unrivaled experience for our clients. The clients who see the best results have the following four characteristics in common.

Through Apparatus, he found freedom: the freedom to believe his business could be as successful as he desired.


Through Apparatus, he found freedom: the freedom to believe his business could be as successful as he desired.

As we organized his back office, his ambition returned.

Our Story

The Apparatus team has deep roots in the contracting and building industry. So, when our founder’s daughter, then an intern, helped a contractor with his bookkeeping and administrative tasks, the results were impossible to ignore. As a result, he regained the time and energy to focus on what mattered most – his business.

That’s when the idea for Apparatus Contractor Services was born. We had provided a service that allowed someone the freedom and focus to commit to their business. This gave us a satisfaction that had us hooked. We knew that the impact Apparatus could have on other contractors and their companies was limitless. The challenges this independent contractor faced did not seem uniquely his – his problems were the same problems faced by hundreds of other small contracting companies.

Therefore, we designed our company. Apparatus helps you solve these problems so you can refocus on the big picture: running a successful, sustainable contracting business.

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