Construction Accounting Training

Apparatus client companies come in all shapes and sizes…from small one-person trades to large organized homebuilders and commercial contractors.

One thing all our clients had in common when they reached out to Apparatus was they needed an end-to-end complete solution for their bookkeeping – custom designed for a contracting business.

They didn’t need information…they needed transformation.

They needed to move from the chaos and confusion of their current bookkeeping to a finely-tuned contracting business bookkeeping system designed specifically to help them grow their business.

And they knew that without at new system, they were stuck and unable to grow.​

They’d hit a ceiling of complexity and they could not break through.

There’s an old piece of wisdom that says that you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that caused the problem.   You have to move to a new level.

To achieve this level of transformation, we need to change your understanding of the problem, and your understanding of the solution.

In other words, we need to transform you before we can implement the changes required to give you the bookkeeping system you need to achieve your goals.

But….not every potential Apparatus client is ready for the same level of construction accounting training.   For that reason, we have four distinct training paths you can choose from:

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    Level 1:

    The Apparatus Continuous Library

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    Level 2:

    The Apparatus Bookkeeping for Contractors Webinar Series

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    Level 3:

    The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp

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    Level 4:

    The ApparatusX™ Coaching Program

Level 1: The Apparatus Continuous Library

If you’re just looking for information to supplement your understanding of the best practices of bookkeeping for contractors, our Apparatus Continuous Library is for you. We’ll share a constant stream of good ideas and techniques to you via email, with new material about every two weeks.

The Apparatus Continuous Library is free for all our clients enrolled in our construction accounting training program.

To sign up for the Apparatus Continuous Library, please fill out the following form:

Level 2: Apparatus Bookkeeping Webinar Series

If you’re looking for intensive information that really takes a deep dive into how the best contracting companies do bookkeeping, the Apparatus Bookkeeping for Contractors webinar series is for you. In this six-part webinar series, you’ll have access to six one-hour prerecorded online webinars that cover six key topic areas:

  • Setting up your QuickBooks® file for Success as a Contractor
  •  Managing Revenue
  • Managing Expenses
  • Managing Balance Sheet Accounts
  • Time Tracking and Payroll
  •  Reports and How to Read Them
  •  Connecting to CRMs Like BuilderTrend®, CoConstruct, and Others

You can watch this material as much as you like, and review it at your own pace.

The Apparatus Bookkeeping for Contractors Webinar Series is available for $599.00.

To discover more about the Apparatus Bookkeeping for Contractors webinar series, please fill out the following form:

Level 3: The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp

If you’ve decided to become an Apparatus client, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our six-session Apparatus Bootcamp available only to Apparatus bookkeeping clients.  When you become an Apparatus client, we use our online bootcamp to give you the understanding and insights you need so we can be successful delivering the results your company needs.

Here’s how it works:

Session 1: Your History, Your Goals, and Your Current Operations
Session 2: Your New ACS Bookkeeping Structure
Session 3: Your New ACS Bookkeeping Operations
Session 4: Your New ACS Payroll Operations
Session 5: Your New ACS Financial Reporting System
Session 6: Your New Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Operations

You’ll come through this bootcamp with four new insights and capabilities, all of them leading to total bookkeeping confidence:

Components: A comfortable understanding of the components of a well-designed contracting business bookkeeping system.

Contents: Complete clarity on what is needed to keep a contracting business bookkeeping system up to date and accurate.

​Capabilities: An intuitive grasp of what is possible for your contracting business once you have a smoothly running bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting system.

​Collaboration: The excitement that comes from understanding how your collaboration with Apparatus will allow you to maintain and expand your bookkeeping system – and how it can transform the success of your contracting business.

The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp is free for all new Apparatus clients.   This program is available only for Apparatus clients.

To discover more about the Apparatus New Client Bootcamp, please fill out the following form:

Level 4: The ApparatusX™ Coaching Program

If you’re a contracting entrepreneur looking to get the most benefit possible from a precision set of contractor books, you should consider the ApparatusX™ Coaching Program.ApparatusX™ is a live online coaching program available to both Apparatus clients and non-clients.

Members meet monthly for a three-hour group Zoom®-based session, and weekly for a  thirty-minute personal check-in session.  In each session we help you make the most of your bookkeeping toolset to drive the revenue and profits of your growing contracting business.

ApparatusX™ is designed for truly ambitious contracting entrepreneurs who are seeking every possible edge to grow their contracting business.

Topics include legal structures, advanced financial strategies, partnerships and collaborations, strategic use of financial information, bidding and estimating for success, banking relationships, and a wide range of other topics.

Each session will provide cutting-edge material you can put to use immediately, and will showcase the ideas and results of other highly successful contractors as they employ these advanced topics.

ApparatusX™ is available to clients and non-clients for an additional fee.   The fee for active Apparatus clients is discounted.

To discover more about ApparatusX™, please fill out the following form:

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Construction Accounting

Most Builders and Remodelers don’t have a handle on the finances of their business.

We’ll give you accounting, payroll, reports, and CFO services you and your team need to have an in-depth understanding of the financial performance of your construction business.

When you have accurate financial information that you really understand, you have the tools and confidence you need to unlock the true potential and profitability of your construction business.

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