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Are you fully committed to your own success? 

Are you done running your business in the dark?

Are you ready to have a precision set of books for your construction business?

Here is a list of the five mindsets and characteristics we look for in new Apparatus clients.  We don’t expect every client to be an exact fit to these criteria, but we do use this list as a guide for selecting the contracting entrepreneurs we invite to enroll into the Apparatus Construction Advantage Program™.

1.)  First, review what we look for in our new clients.

We don’t accept every contracting entrepreneur as a construction bookkeeping client of Apparatus.  We understand what kinds of clients we can help, and we know how to spot the clients who are truly committed to having a precision set of books.  As a result, we only offer client status to about 60% of the contracting entrepreneurs who apply to become Apparatus clients.

We’re looking for clients who are absolutely determined to grow their businesses, who are ready to learn, and who understand that having a precision set of books for their contracting business is not optional…it is essential for them to achieve their other goals.

Here is a list of the five mindsets and characteristics we look for in new Apparatus clients.  We don’t expect every client to be an exact fit to these criteria, but we do use this list as a guide for selecting the contracting entrepreneurs we invite to enroll into the Construction Advantage Program™.

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    Growth Centered:

    You are determined to grow your construction business and you are excited by the challenge.

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    Critical Problem:

    You view having an accurate set of books tailored specifically to the unique bookkeeping needs of a construction-industry company as an essential capability that you are determined to possess for your company.

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    You are a life-long learner who seeks out good ideas from all sources. You are excited by the prospect of learning more and adapting your company’s tools and methods to achieve success.

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    You enjoy finding team members, vendors, and collaboration partners who have expertise in areas where you have less experience. You partner with them to help you succeed.

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    Cash Confident:

    Your contracting business has annual sales of at least $500K per year, and while you still have aggressive goals for increasing the profitability of your company, you are beyond day-to-day cash-flow survival mode.

2.) Second, grab a cup of coffee and watch the video below.

In this deep-dive video we cover the importance of having a precision bookkeeping system for your construction-industry company, the history and concept behind Apparatus, how we choose our clients, how we deliver our bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting services, what your reports will look like, how our pricing works, and the step by step process we use to move you from your current bookkeeping method to a customized Apparatus-run QuickBooks Online® toolset for your growing business.

Is Apparatus Right for Your Business?

A Deep-Dive Overview of Apparatus

  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Our Services and Pricing
  • Our Bookkeeping Process and Tools
  • Our Payroll Process and Tools
  • Our Reporting Process and Sample Reports
  • What We Look for in a Client
  • Becoming an Apparatus Client

Steve Kreitzberg, Founder and President
Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC

3.) Third, complete the New Client Application form below.

Now that you understand our ideal client profile and you’ve been through the deep-dive video, you should have a good sense for what Apparatus is all about and how we can help you.

If you think Apparatus might be the right solution for your contracting business and you want to take the first step towards becoming a client, please fill out the form below.

Don’t worry if you still have questions right now.

There will be plenty of opportunity for you to have all your questions answered in Step 4 after you complete the form.

4.) Fourth, join us for a Zoom® call where we’ll answer all your questions.

When we receive your completed New Client Application form, we’ll reach out to you immediately.

We’ll schedule an in-depth discussion with you and your key team members via Zoom®. In that Zoom® call we’ll discuss your contracting business, your challenges, your goals, and your questions for us. We’ll specifically address how Apparatus can help you achieve your goals.

After that call, if you’re ready to move forward and we know you’re the kind of client we can help, we’ll invite you to get started with Apparatus.

We look forward to working with you!

Affordable construction accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, reporting, and CFO services for construction related businesses of all sizes.


Precision bookkeeping for companies with annual revenues over $500K.


All Bronze services plus additional bookkeeping items for companies with annual revenues over $1M.


All Silver services plus full Buildertrend®, CoConstruct®, Corecon® or other platforms configuration, deployment, and support for companies with annual revenues over $1M


This is our elite program for our best clients and is by invitation only. 

All Gold services plus comprehensive CFO/Strategy support.