The Precision Bookkeeping Formula™

Moving Your Business from Complexity to Competitive Advantage.

Every construction industry entrepreneur we work with is different….but they all have one goal in common. They are looking to eliminate the “ceiling of complexity” that becomes a barrier to the growth of their business.

What most construction business owners don’t realize is that the secret to growth is simplification.

You can’t grow if everything gets more complicated as your business gets bigger. Instead, a healthy growing business goes through a period of growth, then the business owner takes steps to simplify and eliminate complexity, and then the business enters another period of growth.

Businesses that grow rapidly and succeed get very good at this simplification process. Businesses who don’t develop the skill of simplification stall and stop growing. Or worse, they go into decline.

Every Apparatus Client Has This Worry

If you are like all our other clients, you have a worry that sounds something like “How do I turn over my existing bookkeeping processes to Apparatus without the wheels falling off my business?”. Another variation of this worry is “My bookkeeping may be total chaos, but I least it is a chaos I can understand”.

Do these fears sound familiar?

At some level, these fears are completely rational. But, if you let these fears take control of your decision-making, you’ll never break free of the complexity that is holding your company back. The only solution is to embark on a proven program of simplification and redesign of your bookkeeping processes.

What you need is a guide who has a very clear map to take you from the complexity you have now to the capability that you need.

Apparatus is that guide.

Here Is How Apparatus Solves This Problem

The moment you become a client of Apparatus we enroll you and your key team members is a process we call The Precision Bookkeeping Formula™.

Through a series of structured Zoom™ meetings your Apparatus Principal Bookkeeper and other members of the Apparatus team will work with you and your key team members to complete eight stages, each with specific milestones and predefined outcomes. For each stage, there will be prework on your part, work we do during the meetings, and work that is completed after each meeting. We go at a pace that you can handle, but we move smoothly through each step that applies to your business operations.

Here are the eight stages of The Precision Bookkeeping Formula™…

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    The Collaboration Kickoff™:

    In this first stage we gather detailed information about your business and the way that money moves into and out of it. We ensure that the team and team roles are well defined, and we ensure that we are connected to the tools we will be using to build a precision bookkeeping system for your business.

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    The Solid Foundation™:

    In the second stage we review your current books to develop a firm grasp of our starting point. We work with you to develop the workflows needed to simplify and professionalize your bookkeeping processes as we begin to do bookkeeping on your behalf.

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    The Professional Transformation™:

    In the third stage we develop and execute a specific plan to transition your existing books to comply with the NAHB model chart of accounts.

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    The Project Management Integrator™:

    In this stage (which only applies to our Gold and Platinum level clients), we work with you to develop shared operating guidelines for the use of your construction management software (such as Acculynx®, Procore®, Corecon®, Joist®, Jobber®, BuilderTrend®, Builder Prime®, CoConstruct® or Jobber®). We ensure that your project management system is tightly integrated with your QBO® file, and we ensure that data flows seamlessly between both programs.

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    The Revenue Recognition Model™:

    In this stage we define and build the policies and workflows to correctly recognize revenue and cost in your projects in alignment with the ten key concepts of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

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    The Financial Reporting Navigator™:

    In this stage we work with you to define and configure the specific reports you will employ to understand the operations of your construction company on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

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    The Stabilized Client Milestone™:

    In this stage, we review the work accomplished in the prior stages, finalize and document the new workflows we’ve developed with you, and set in place the daily information flows, weekly check-in meetings, and weekly reports needed to create a smooth ongoing collaboration between Apparatus and your team.

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    The CFO Toolset Rollout™:

    In this stage (which only applies to our Platinum level clients), we systematically implement the tools and workflows that make up the CFO services portion of the Platinum level of our Construction Advantage Program. First, we prioritize and sequence the CFO tools you need to match the unique requirements of your business. Next, we develop the data collection, documentation, and communication processes needed to provide your business with the unique insights available from each individual CFO tool. We then begin a step by step rollout of these tools, in priority order, until we complete the full rollout of all tool relevant to your operating business.