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Living in the dark with something as important as your company’s finances is scary….and it’s dangerous.

Contractors like you didn’t get to where you are through a business school. You achieved success through hard work, an ability to solve problems, and sheer force of will. That experience and background have prepared you very well for most of the challenges that demand your attention in your construction business. The problem is your expertise hasn’t prepared you for the challenges that lurk in the darkness – especially when it comes to wrapping your head around bookkeeping best practices.

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why construction companies with accurate books have higher profits

eBook #1

Precision Bookkeeping: Why Constructions Companies With Accurate Books Have Higher Profits

eBook #2

Constructing Success: The Financial Dashboard Every Construction Entrepreneur Should Have
Building block of financial success the 11 point formula for precision bookkeeping a guide for builders and remodelers

eBook #3

Building Blocks of Financial Success: The 11-Point Formula for Precision Bookkeeping
nail your numbers the 15 point audit to guarantee you have a precision set of books

eBook #4

Nail Your Numbers. The 15-Point Audit to Guarantee You Have a Precision Set of Books
every nail every number how consistent bookkeeping workflows are the job of every member of your team

eBook #5

Every Nail, Every Number. How Consistent Bookkeeping Workflows Are the Job of Every Member of Your Team
Supercharge Your Profits With Quickbooks Online And Nahb Chart Of Accounts

eBook #6

Supercharge Your Profits With Quickbooks® Online And the NAHB Chart Of Accounts
Bricks Mortar Motivation Crafting Bonus Programs Using Precision Bookkeeping a Guide for Builders and Remodelers

eBook #7

Bricks, Mortar, and Motivation. Crafting Bonus Programs Using Precision Bookkeeping
why you should be using the nahb standard chart of accounts for your construction business

eBook #8

Why You Should Be Using the NAHB Standard Chart of Accounts for Your Construction Business
4 reasons why smart contractors refuse to take draws

eBook #9

4 Reasons Why Smart Contractors Refuse to Take Draws

eBook #10

5 Steps to Success. A Foolproof Guide For Serious Contractors
6 marketing tools

eBook #11

6 Marketing Tools That Will Leave Your Competition in the Dust

eBook #12

7 Signs You’re The Worst Bookkeeper for Your Contracting Business

eBook #13

8 Successful Habits Unsuccessful Contractors Don’t Practice

What’s really going on?

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If you’re like most contractors, you have this sense that you really don’t understand how the bookkeeping of your construction business is being done, how it should be done, and what information you should be getting from it. Unfortunately, despite all your hard work and your other skills, your business will fail or succeed based on the health of your bookkeeping.

At Apparatus we understand this problem. We have worked in the construction industry for decades and have seen first-hand what bad bookkeeping can do to a talented, hardworking contractor like you.


A lack of confidence is a cancer in your business.

For any entrepreneur, your confidence is what keeps you going. There is no reason to continue to operate your construction business in the dark.

Ignoring or living with bookkeeping challenges will only lead to further erosion of your confidence. And this lack of confidence is a cancer in your business…it affects how you approach your team, how you approach your clients, and how you approach the future of your business. And don’t think for a minute that you can keep your lack of confidence to yourself. It bleeds through…in every conversation and in every action you take and every action you don’t take.

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A few easy changes can make a big difference.

By exposing and facing what is actually happening in your construction business, your confidence will grow. You’ll be armed with the tools, the information, and the knowledge to make the changes you need to make. This will affect how you approach every day, every team member, and every new customer opportunity. With every passing week and month, you’ll make small changes that stack on one another to make your business stronger and more profitable. It’s a positive chain reaction that will unleash capabilities you didn’t even know you had.

So, get started. Download our eBook Library and discover answers to the toughest bookkeeping and finance challenges faced by growing builders and remodelers.

Building block of financial success the 11 point formula for precision bookkeeping a guide for builders and remodelers


Run your business with confidence.

  • Take control.
  • Improve your bids.
  • Make more money.

Your core skills are selling projects, managing projects, handling quality control, and keeping clients happy. These are the things that make you money. These are the things where you should be spending 100% of your time. Implementing our 11 essential bookkeeping best practices will free up that time – while arming you with the information you need to run your business with confidence.

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Become an Apparatus Client.

All we do is design, build, and operate Quickbooks®-Online based bookkeeping systems and workflows for residential and commercial builders and remodelers just like you.

We’re also experts at connecting our clients’ Quickbooks® Online-based accounting systems with all the leading construction management systems such as Procore®, JobTread®, Jobber®, CoConstruct®, Builder Prime®, Buildertrend®, Leap®, and others.

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