The Apparatus 15-Point

Precision Bookkeeping Audit

Let’s Walk Before We Run

Are you hesitant to dive into a new bookkeeping partnership? We understand completely…

  • You don’t know Apparatus yet;
  • Your last bookkeeper let you down;
  • Your last bookkeeping company let you down;
  • You understand that this is a big decision and you need to make it very carefully;
  • You don’t know what course of action we will recommend for your books.

With that in mind, here’s a way you can learn a bit more about Apparatus and begin making progress to solve your bookkeeping challenges.

Purchase and Schedule Your 15-Point Audit

The Apparatus 15-Point Precision Bookkeeping Audit

We’ve developed a service offering we call the Apparatus 15-Point Precision Bookkeeping Audit™.

We’ve designed this audit to be valuable for you and to show what we can do for you, all without you having to give us any passwords or digital access to your books.

We charge $299.00 for this audit….we think you’ll find it worth every penny.

We cover our costs with this fee, but as you’ve guessed already, we offer this audit because a certain percentage of prospects who buy this audit become Apparatus clients.

Purchase and Schedule Your 15-Point Audit

Here’s how this works:

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    You purchase and schedule your audit by clicking on the “Purchase and Schedule Your 15-Point Audit” button below.

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    We join you in a Zoom® meeting where you have your Quickbooks® file open on your computer’s desktop, ready to be viewed.

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    You share your screen, transfer control of the mouse to us, and we begin doing the 15-point audit of your books while you watch.  (No password sharing required.)

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    After the meeting, we give you the following:

    • A video of our Zoom® meeting;
    • A written transcript of our discussion;
    • A written report on the results of your audit,
    • A written summary of the actions you should take right now to put your books in shape.

How This Benefits You and Apparatus

You can see now why we offer this service. It’s a win-win for both you and us.

Here is how this is a win for Apparatus…

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    Easy First Step: We reduce the barrier you face taking your first step with us by offering a smaller, low cost option that allows you to sample our services.

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    Giving Real Value: We have an opportunity to provide something to you that has real value and will help you whether you become a client or not.

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    Great Way to Meet You:  We get to meet you and evaluate how we can really help you if you do become a client

And, here’s how it is a win for you…

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    Easy First Step: You have a simple way to buy a much less expensive service from us to see how we operate and see what we know.

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    Getting Real Value: For $299.00, you get a detailed summary of exactly what you should do to put your books in shape. If you follow our advice, you’ll have a set of books ready to be the foundation your business needs.

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    Great Way to Meet Apparatus: You get to meet us and evaluate whether we’re the kind of folks you can envision working with long term.

Ready to get started?

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We look forward to working with you!