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Bookkeeping for Contractors Client Support Services

When you become an Apparatus client, you have three different ways to get unlimited free support:

Monthly Client Check-In™ Zoom® Meeting:

Our goal is to make sure that you are getting the best result for your business, and making the best use of the precision set of contractor-specific books we have developed on your behalf and are maintaining for you.   To do that, we arrange a monthly recurring Zoom® meeting with you and your team.  In this monthly one-hour meeting we review what IS working, what is NOT working, and where you need help, training, or customization of your bookkeeping, payroll, or reporting toolset.   The key to our Client Check-In™ meetings is that the benefits are cumulative…the discussions we have with you in one meeting benefit all future meetings, and the changes we make on your behalf have a bigger impact on your bookkeeping system and how you apply it as time goes on.  These meetings can include any or all of your key staff.  (We’ll work with you to set the recurring time of your Client Check-In™ meeting each month.  Meetings are available M-F from 8:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM Pacific.  You’ll need to be at your computer for the meeting time you select.)

​Help Desk Line:

Have a quick question?   Call us at 503-543-1525 and selection Option 3.   A (real!) member of the Apparatus team will address your question or issue immediately.   (Our Help Desk Line is available M-F from 8:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM Pacific.  All you need is a phone!)

​Anytime Deep-Dive Zoom® Meeting:

Have a bigger topic or longer discussion in mind?  Select our Deep-Dive Meeting link and you can set up a 30-minute Zoom® meeting at a time that works for you.  In this meeting we’ll do a screen-share with you and show you your books.   We can run ad-hoc reports, make adjustments, resolve open issues, or address your questions, all in the privacy of a one-on-one Zoom® format call.  (Deep-Dive Zoom® meetings are available M-F from 8:00 AM Eastern to 4:00 PM Pacific and need to be scheduled in advance via the Deep-Dive Meeting link.  You’ll need to be at your computer for the meeting time you select.)

Contractor Accountants - Bookkeeping and Payroll services for construction industry contractors only

Apparatus Contractor Services
Construction Bookkeeping

Most Contractors don’t have a handle on the finances of their business.

We’ll give you bookkeeping, payroll, weekly reports, and the training you and your team need to have an in-depth understanding of the financial performance of your construction business.

When you have accurate financial information that you really understand, you have the tools and confidence you need to unlock the true potential of your construction business.

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