Meet Our Team

Steve Kreitzberg, Founder and President

Role: I’m Steve Kreitzberg, the founder, owner, and President of Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC. I am responsible for defining the strategic direction of Apparatus.

Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering 1983, MBA in Finance 1988.

Background: I have thirty-one years’ experience in real estate development and investment and have founded a series of interconnected real estate and construction businesses operating in multiple states. I have a passion for building and growing businesses. Apparatus is particularly satisfying for my team and me because through Apparatus, we’re able to help other aspiring construction industry entrepreneurs grow the size and profitability of their businesses.

Interests: When I am not building entrepreneurial companies my wife Linda and I enjoy spending time with our adult children.

Luke Holcomb, Operations Manager

Role: I’m Luke Holcomb, Operations Manager here at Apparatus.  I am responsible for managing our Operations teams…the folks who execute precision bookkeeping for our clients. My Operations teams are responsible for guiding new clients through the Precision Bookkeeping Formula™ onboarding process and ensuring we consistently deliver on our promises to our Clients.

Education: Studies towards a BA in History with a minor in Psychology

Certifications: Licensed GC in TN and LA

Background: I have worked in the construction industry since 2006 and have experience with real estate Investment and management, insurance restoration, design/build remodeling, and specialty contracting. I have a passion for building structure within businesses to provide scalable solutions. I love working to give owners and managers the tools they need to run successful companies.

Interests: When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife and our four children, trail running, and whitewater kayaking.

Caitlin Brock, Finance Manager

Role: I’m Caitlin Brock, the Finance Manager, HR Manager, and Technology Manager here at Apparatus. I am responsible for handling the finances of the company, our human resource functions, training, and our technology platforms.

Education: BS in Computer Information Systems 2017

Background: I’ve had various roles in project management as well as software development. I’ve been with the company since 2017 and have enjoyed watching it evolve in both team and offerings.  My favorite part about Apparatus is watching our clients gain the confidence in their financials.  It’s been intriguing to learn the various construction software products that connect to QuickBooks® and experience the positive changes in QuickBooks® over the years as new and improved functions are released into the marketplace.

Interests: In my free time I love vacationing to tropical destinations. At home my weekends are spent doing outdoor activities, but most importantly hanging out with my husband and our two dogs.

Bret Barnes, National Sales Manager

Role: I’m Bret Barnes, the National Sales Manager here at Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC.  I am responsible for introducing and educating contractors on the benefits of using Apparatus as their go-to solution for precision bookkeeping.

Education: BA in Finance with a minor in Accounting, 1994

Background: I have over 25 years of financial experience in investment management and have owned two business’ as well.  I have been involved in the construction/renovation industry for over 8 years and have personally experienced why Apparatus benefits so many entrepreneurs. Over the course of my career have held numerous state and federal securities licenses.

Interests: When I am not looking for right fit clients for Apparatus, I enjoy spending time with my wife Sarah (married 25 years), Trenton (17), and Korbin (14).  On most weekends I can be found watching my boys baseball or tennis matches.

Bronwyn Foley-Ibemere, Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I am Bronwyn Foley-Ibemere, a Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus. I work directly with clients as their primary bookkeeper and point of contact.

Education: BS in Business Administration 1999

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: I have over 20 years of experience in various financial accounting roles.  My most recent 13 years’ experience was in the Optometry industry.

However, most of my professional accounting experience is in the construction industry, and this experience is valuable and essential to my position within the Apparatus family.

When I went off to college, I was inspired to major in accounting, with the goal of achieving a CPA certification. This goal required 150 hours of undergraduate work, and 30 hours of accounting related courses.

While I was fortunate enough to land a job with a prominent construction firm and dedicated my professional skills and education to the success of the firm, my goal of becoming a CPA was put on hold.

Interests: I am an avid sports fan with baseball being my favorite. I watch baseball most nights when my work day ends! My favorite hobby is traveling, especially with my family and friends. A quiet evening at home reading is a close second!

Muhammad Ashraf, Assistant Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Muhammad Ashraf, and I am an Assistant Book Keeper with the Apparatus team. My role is to assist Principal Bookkeepers and our Clients in maintaining accurate books so that they can make financially-viable decisions.

Education: Associate of Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (ACMA-UK, 2004) Executive MBA (2011)

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: I started my career as Management Trainee Officer in the banking industry, where I soon realized my potential in accounts and completed my ACMA-UK.

It’s a pleasure identifying business insights found in financial numbers and supporting our Clients’ business growth through financial advisory.

I have worked with banking, manufacturing, trading, and construction companies. I am excited to use this knowledge and experience in the performance of my duties, fostering an environment that is efficient and organized.

Interests:  I love sight-seeing, watching movies, and eating traditional food with friends and family.

Noshair Munawar, Assistant Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Noshair, an Assistant Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus. My role consists of helping the principal bookkeepers in managing the books of our clients. I also meet with clients regularly to make sure we continue to understand their financial needs and answer any questions.

Education: BA Accounting (2022)

Background: I have over 5 years of experience in Accounting/Bookkeeping, with past roles at a CPA firm and a Medical Device Startup. In these roles, I have had the opportunity to work on everything from account Reconciliation to managing the payroll process. In addition, I am QuickBooks Certified and have been working with the software since 2018

Interests:  I love to travel and try different cuisines. I’m also an avid fan of photography, reading, and learning new things. I’m currently trying to learn how to play the saxophone.

Jess Panganiban, Assistant Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Jess Christian Panganiban. I am an Assistant Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus. My main role is to set up and restructure the chart of accounts for our new clients as they move through our onboarding process.

Education: BS in Accounting 2018

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: For the past few years, I have worked as a full-time bookkeeper using QuickBooks® to provide accurate information and reports that will enable my clients to make informed decisions about the growth and development of their businesses. In addition to bookkeeping, I also handled things like bank management, where I monitored checking accounts, credit card accounts, and payroll.

Interests: My hobbies include exploring different kinds of restaurants, traveling to different places by motorcycle, sports, and working towards completing my bucket list!

Robin Sheridan, Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Robin Sheridan, a Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus. I work directly with clients as their primary bookkeeper and point of contact.

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor, Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

Background: I have worked as a QuickBooks® bookkeeper/accountant in the construction industry since 1995, with most of my time using QBO since 2008. Since 2008 I’ve worked remotely with business owners, CPAs and management across a variety of construction trades helping manage and evaluate the efficiency and accuracy of business financial accounting and back-office systems. I enjoy helping identify opportunities for improvement; implementing change and/or simply helping maintain existing working systems.

Interests: I grew up in California, raised kids in Minnesota, and am currently residing in Kansas. My happy places are family, learning, traveling, and playing outside in the dirt.

Bilal Mian, Assistant Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I am Bilal Mian, and I am an Assistant Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus. My role includes working with the Principal Bookkeepers to assist them in ensuring precision books for all our clients.

Education: Bachelor of Commerce 2002 and an MBA in Financial Management 2012

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: In my professional career, I started from the root level to know everything and make progress gradually. My habit is to indulge deeply in client businesses…it makes me feel like my own business and helps me figure out the core issues and solutions required for the business’ success.

My professional career is over 16 years. Before joining Apparatus, I worked in different sectors like textile, electric, and food companies. These other industries have given me a broad perspective on the unique challenges of operating companies of all kinds.

I have a close relationship with construction contractors. In fact, some of my close friends are construction contractors, so I often talk with them about materials, architecture, WIP, progress billing, income statements, and balance sheets. I enjoy my work and never tire of helping solve the problems faced by Apparatus clients.

Interests: I love trekking and camping in the mountains; it gives me physical and mental health.

Misty Walker, Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Misty Walker, Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus.  As Principal Bookkeeper and virtual CFO, my role is to ensure accuracy in financial data and reporting results and to assist and support my clients in the interpretation and application of these results. The overall goal is to ensure the best possible plans and decisions to advance the success of my clients’ businesses.

Education: BS in Accounting 2008, MBA in Accounting 2009

Certifications: Licensed Certified Public Bookkeeper through NACPB, QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: I have over 25 years of experience serving the accounting needs of small business owners in multiple industries. I also teach in my area of expertise, which has provided me with lots of experience and opportunities to help others better understand the significance of the accounting process and how the results we generate will help business owners and decision-makers reach their goals.

Interests: I am a Mom to many and Nana to a few. I enjoy learning about and dabbling in natural health and healing for effective alternatives to support and achieve health without all the unwanted and sometimes dangerous side effects of pharmaceuticals.

Hemant Kumar, Principal Bookkeeper

Role:  I’m Hemant Kumar, a Principal Bookkeeper at Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC. I’m responsible for ensuring our clients’ books are current, accurate, and informative.  I help our clients succeed by providing them with actionable data that lets them make better-informed decisions  – decisions based on the data and not just a gut feeling.

Education: BA in Mathematics 2003 and MBA in Business Administration 2008

Background: I have over 17 years of rich and unmatchable experience using QuickBooks® to maintain precision books for a wide variety of companies. It is a matter of great pride when clients are confident about their business financials and are able to scale up because they have all the numbers to make decisions quickly.

Interests: When I’m not working, I love to travel the world and spend time with my family and friends.

Nur Rahmi Indriani, Assistant Principal Bookkeeper

Role: I’m Nur Rahmi Indriani. I am an Assistant Principal Bookkeeper here at Apparatus, My role involves working directly with the Principal Bookkeepers to bring precision bookkeeping to the clients I support.

Education: BS Accounting 2014

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor

Background: I am a bookkeeping & accounting expert having more than 7 years of experience in a shared service center environment focused on financial operations, AP, AR, tax (locally and international), legal, HR, ERP, Finance, and treasury. I am passionate about learning the details of my client’s businesses, and I am curious about better solutions for finance and administration problems.

Since 2015, I have been actively working and building operational systems for companies in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, UAE, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia (Bali and Jakarta). I really enjoy working with fast-growing companies.

Interests: In my spare time, I like to cook, read books, and play games. I also enjoy traveling on the weekends with my family. I hope in the near future I can have kids, get my CPA certification, and purchase my own house.

Mayur Rane, Transaction Specialist Team Leader

Role: I’m Mayur Rane. I am a Transaction Specialist Team Leader here at Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC.  My responsibilities include providing first-line transaction support to the Bookkeeping Specialists and Principal Bookkeepers here at Apparatus.  I take great pride in accurately processing client transactions, analyzing data, maintaining comprehensive and correct records, and assisting with a full range of repetitive accounting tasks.

Education: BS in Commerce 2015, MBA in Commerce 2017

Certifications: QuickBooks® Online Certified ProAdvisor, Hardware and Networking Certification

Background: It may sound extraordinary, but maintaining an accurate balance sheet is a fascinating challenge to me. I take delight in generating high-quality financial statements that clients can rely on month after month. I maintain a growth-minded attitude and always look for the best solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients and the rest of the Apparatus family.

Interests: In my spare time I love to explore new places, travel with my family, enjoy the sunshine, and play cricket.

Shishir Regmi, Transaction Specialist

Role: Hi, I’m Shishir. I work as a Transaction Specialist here at Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC. I handle making sure all client transactions – both via email and Dropbox – are entered timely and accurate.

Education: BS in Management Studies in Finance (2021)

Background: I had many classes with extensive experience in my bachelor’s degree and added finance as my specialization. I was able to learn a lot about the management of day-to-day finances and the rules of accounting. Accounting and finance were the two topics that always interested me significantly more than general management. Bookkeeping is the basis of all financial understanding. Managing and recording transactions accurately helps you see the broader picture of your business, which has always fascinated me.

Interests: When I’m not working, I like to play video games and watch sports like football and cricket.