Brand Communication Strategy

Branding Your Communication

Brand Communication Strategy to Establish Credibility As a contractor and small business owner you’re probably familiar with the word “branding”. Branding is a marketing term that refers to the efforts a business makes to establish its voice, message, and mission in everything they do. A business’s identity is spoken and showcased through its brand which…

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IRS Empoloyee Vs Independent Contractor

IRS Employee Vs Independent Contractor Reclassification

IRS employee vs independent contractor reclassification is sometimes necessary as your business evolves. In this blog we’ll demonstrate how to protect your business and stay in IRS compliance. How to Reclassify Your Workers to Stay in Compliance As a general contractor, you’re familiar with and successful at running jobs and completing projects. This is in…

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Marketing Ideas for the New Year

Marketing Ideas for the New Year

Planting Marketing Seeds for Sustainable Growth The holidays are just around the corner, so now is the time to think about marketing ideas for the new year. And, yes, this season is already so jam-packed it’s hard to imagine trying to fit anything else into your schedule. So, we won’t ask you to. Instead, we’ve…

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Bookkeeper Vs Accountant - Bookkeeping Vs Accounting

The Distinction Between Bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants

Bookkeeper Vs Accountant – Bookkeeping Vs Accounting Bookkeeper Vs Accountant as well as bookkeeping vs accounting have distinct differences. Discover the differences & why have both is necessary for success. Understanding the Roles within Your Financial Team You’ve seen the words CPA and bookkeeper used a lot, sometimes interchangeably. Maybe it’s been a source of…

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Goal Setting in Construction

Goal Setting

Goal Setting in Construction – Working Intentionally for Long-Term Results Today let’s talk a little bit about goal setting in construction. It’s a highly-regarded and fairly well-understood concept, yet it is not practiced often enough. We’re big believers in goal-setting here at Apparatus. Creating a goal inspires a mental picture of growth, forward movement, and…

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IRS Independent Contractor Test

The Independent Contractor Test

Classifying workers appropriately is important for your financials and the IRS Independent Contractor Test can help you determine if you are classifying workers correctly. IRS Independent Contractor Test: Is Your Worker an Independent Contractor or an Employee? Most general contractors and subcontractors will run into this situation at some point in their careers – is…

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Questions to Ask a Contractor

Qualities of a Hirable Contractor

Pre-client meeting preparation is important. Following are questions to ask a contractor to assure they are suitable for the job. Contractors, if you want to impress your clients, be prepared to answer these questions. Impress Clients and Land Jobs As the representative of your own business, your goal is to consistently impress clients. You’ve probably…

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Preliminary Lien Notice or Pre-Lien Notice

Notice of Right to a Lien

Understand Your Rights and Protect Your Jobs – A Guide for General Contractors Preliminary Lien Notice or Pre-Lien Notice As a contractor, you know there are several steps involved in starting a new job. From initial assessments, defining the scope of work, securing subcontractor estimates, hiring subcontractors, finding suppliers, signing contracts and more: there’s a…

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Bookkeeping for Beginners - Bookkeeping 101 for Contractors

Beginner’s Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping for Beginners – A Contractor’s Guide Breaking Down Bookkeeping Our Bookkeeping for Beginners blog is designed to give construction contractors a basic understanding of accounting as a first step towards understanding your company’s health and profitability. Bookkeeping – the word itself is a little intimidating. To be the keeper of books, what does it…

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Business Expenses - which are tax deductible?

Business Expenses

What Business Expenses Should You Write Off? The Basics Ah, business expenses. The allure, the luxury, the… confusion? Often when thinking of a standard business expense, the same image comes to everyone’s mind… charging a lunch on the company card. Hey, who doesn’t love free lunch? I know I do. But, business expenses are much…

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