Apparatus A la Carte Services™

Delegate more of your back-office with customer support services you buy only when you need them, whether that’s one time during a busy planning period, on and off throughout the year, or to completely outsource a task.

Apparatus A la Carte Services are designed to reduce the effort your team puts into existing or new processes.

These support services are best for contracting companies that don’t have the time, resources or skill set to staff and operate a full-service back office.  

A La Carte Services

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Notice of Right to a Lien Mailing

It’s simple.  All you do is send us the basic project and client information before your work begins and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll complete and mail a Notice of Right to a Lien to your client and keep you from missing out the protections of the lien laws of your state.  It’s how the professionals do it!

$25.00 per client or project


Scope of Work and Estimate

After getting the preliminary information from you, we’ll put together a professional scope of work and corresponding estimate on your own branded letterhead. 

$29.00 per scope of work and estimate

contract writing

Contract Writing

When you have a new client ready to work with you, we’ll write a professional contract on your own branded letterhead so you can focus on the project instead of the fine print! 

$29.00 per contract

full proposal

Full Proposal Package

A prospective project deserves thought and professionalism. We’ll prepare and write the five main components of a proposal: scope of work, estimate, social proof/references, persuasive advertising copy and contract.   Your company will be ahead of the competition with a well-prepared proposal on your own branded letterhead.

$39.00 per proposal