27 Things To Do Instead of Your Bookkeeping

27 Things You Can Do For Your Business Instead of Bookkeeping

27 Things You Can Do For Your Business Instead of Bookkeeping We’ve had many clients come to Apparatus asking for bookkeeping help. At minimum, these guys are spending at least four hours a week on their books. Even if you’re spending just an hour a week on your books, it’s not a good use of…

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Light bulb business ideas

The Best Role For A Contracting Business Owner

How Delegators Save Time, Gain Focus, and See Success The 4 Business Roles How is your business running? More importantly, what role do you play to keep it running? Are you a Laborer, Contributor, Supervisor, or Delegator? I’m willing to bet 80% of our readers fall into one or more of the first three categories. The…

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Project management and business tools online

CRMs for Contractors

What They Are and Why They’re Important CRMs, or Customer Relationship Management tools, are becoming more popular than ever in the construction and contracting industries.  This trend is due to the wide accessibility of digital technology and smart phones. It’s also a result of the number of contractors getting serious about refining their back-office and…

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Referrals and projects

Referrals: Your Secret Growth Weapon

How Referrals Can Boost Your Business A great referral program can end up delivering a huge portion of your overall sales.  Even better, once set up, this lucrative marketing engine runs almost entirely on its own. This frees up your precious time for other activities and initiatives.  Unfortunately, many small contracting companies get lost when…

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contract writing

Contract Writing for Contractors

The Basics of Contract Writing Successful contractors recognize when the time comes to operate using written contracts instead of simple handshakes.  Contract writing is not for everyone, and even those who do it well don’t necessarily enjoy it!  Nevertheless, contracts are a crucial part of your contracting business.   Contracts legally protect your work performed. They…

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Social Media Marketing

The Best Social Media Tools for Contractors

Platforms for Gaining Visibility Every small business should incorporate social media in to their marketing strategy.  Contracting businesses are no exception. Social media shines visibility on your business through digital platforms, for little to no cost.  There are more than a few social media platforms out there, but we think the three giants below are…

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Save Time and Outsource Bookkeeping

Why Outsource Bookkeeping?

Outsource Bookkeeping: The Contractor’s Secret to Success   The Problem If you’re like most of the contractors we talk to you’re running your own business, hitting successes along the way, and wearing many hats.  You’re in the field all day either working or managing workers, checking on projects, and running supply errands.  At the end…

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Working with customers toward a productive solution.

How to Deal with Difficult Customers

Minimizing Damage and Improving Productivity     Every contractor knows that you just can’t win every customer.  Customers and clients always enter each situation with their own perspectives, experiences, and expectations.  It’s nearly impossible to ensure that each client has the perfect experience that you strive to provide. Nonetheless, it’s also important to take steps…

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Independent Contractor and Employee Classification

How to Reclassify Your Workers to Stay in Compliance   As a general contractor, you’re familiar with and successful at running jobs and completing projects. This is in part due to the great team you’ve assembled. Your crew might consist of employees, subcontractors, independent contractors, or some combination of the three. For the most part,…

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