The Tools We Use

The Apparatus Operations Advantage Program™ is built entirely on industry-leading software tools.

We are not a software company…we are a group of specialists using the best and most sophisticated tools available to give you the capabilities, expertise, and support you need to grow your business.

We let these other companies spend millions on innovating the platforms and technology needed for contractor-specific bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting.

We then use these tools in collaboration with growth-minded contracting entrepreneurs like you to transform your results!

The Apparatus Bookkeeping and Reporting Platform

We’ll work with you to establish a cloud-based online bookkeeping and reporting system for your contracting business using the Quickbooks® Online toolset from Intuit®.

Intuit® is pouring millions every year into expanding the capabilities of the Quickbooks® Online platform. We make use of all the features of this platform, including project reporting, to implement a complete solution for all our our contracting business clients.

The Apparatus Time Tracking and Payroll Toolset

Just as we do with bookkeeping and reporting, we work exclusively with the Quickbooks® TSheets time-tracking platform tied directly to the Quickbooks® Payroll toolset to integrate time-tracking and payroll into the bookkeeping system we implement and maintain for your contracting business.

As they are with their bookkeeping platform, Quickbooks® is pouring money into expanding the capabilities of the TSheets and Quickbooks® Payroll platforms. There simply is no better solution for the time tracking and payroll needs of growing contracting companies.

Other Industry Leading Contractor Platforms

Apparatus can also work with you to help you implement and maintain other industry-leading software platforms such as BuilderTrend®, CoConstruct®, Knowify™, ProCore™ and others. (Apparatus charges an additional fee for our clients using these tools.) To know more, take a look at our integrations page.

Once you have your bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting system implemented and running smoothly, your growing contracting company will be ready for one of these sophisticated contracting management platforms.

You should be prepared to consider them as your business grows. When you are ready, Apparatus will be there with you every step of the way.