Deep Dive Overview Video

If you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of Apparatus, grab a cup of coffee, kick back in your chair, and watch the video below.

In this video summary we cover the importance of having a precision bookkeeping system for your construction-industry company, the history and concept behind Apparatus, how we deliver bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting to our construction-industry clients, sample reports, our pricing, and the step by step process we use to move you from your current bookkeeping method to a customized Apparatus-run QuickBooks Online® toolset for your growing business.

Is Apparatus Right for Your Business?

A Deep-Dive Overview of Apparatus

  • Knowing Your Numbers
  • Our Services and Pricing
  • Our Bookkeeping Process and Tools
  • Our Payroll Process and Tools
  • Our Reporting Process and Sample Reports
  • What We Look for in a Client
  • Becoming an Apparatus Client

Steve Kreitzberg, Founder and President
Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC