Apparatus’ Privacy Policy


As a trusted member of your inner team, we commit ourselves to you and to our family of clients.

Each new client of ours extends an enormous amount of trust to the Apparatus Team. We take this trust granted to us very, very seriously.

Our work with you doesn’t just involve your finances. It involves your goals, your aspirations, your successes, and the areas of your business that need work.

And Apparatus commits itself to being there with you every step of the way. We strive to help you unlock the true potential of your business.

It’s what we do.

Because we take your privacy so seriously, we sat down to create the following promise which we vow to all our clients:

We will never disclose the identity of our clients to anyone, nor do we share any information about our clients to anyone. When we would like to use testimonials from our clients we do so only after asking for express permission.

Every member of the Apparatus team commits to protect and safeguard the privacy of your business on all levels. This includes any and all financial information. In addition, it includes
your business strategies, your pricing formulas, your cost structures, your employee and payroll data, and your supplier lists. We will protect the confidentiality of any other information unique to you and your business.

You have made us an essential and trusted member of your team, and we take our role seriously. Apparatus won’t let you down.


The Apparatus Team