Independent Contractor and Employee Classification

How to Reclassify Your Workers to Stay in Compliance   As a general contractor, you’re familiar with and successful at running jobs and completing projects. This is in part due to the great team you’ve assembled. Your crew might consist of employees, subcontractors, independent contractors, or some combination of the three. For the most part,…

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coffee and plans for the year

Marketing Your Business in the New Year

Planting Marketing Seeds for Sustainable Growth The holidays are just around the corner. And, yes, this season is already so jam-packed it’s hard to imagine trying to fit anything else into your schedule. So, we won’t ask you to. Instead, we’ve strategized for you and compiled a list of initiatives you can take to help…

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The Distinction Between Bookkeepers and Certified Public Accountants

Understanding the Roles within Your Financial Team You’ve seen the words CPA and bookkeeper used a lot, sometimes interchangeably.  Maybe it’s been a source of confusion for you in your hunt for back office support for your contracting company. We want to clear up the definitions of each so you can look for the help…

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Man measuring project

Notice of Right to a Lien

Understand Your Rights and Protect Your Jobs – A Guide for General Contractors Notice of Right to a Lien As a contractor, you know there are several steps involved in starting a new job. From initial assessments, defining the scope of work, securing subcontractor estimates, hiring subcontractors, finding suppliers, signing contracts and more: there’s a…

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Calculating budget and expenses

Beginner’s Bookkeeping

A Contractor’s Guide Breaking Down Bookkeeping Bookkeeping – the word itself is a little intimidating. To be the keeper of books, what does it even mean? In the world of bookkeeping, records and attention to detail are everything. Recording your revenue and expenses will put you on track to understanding profit and loss. These are…

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Business Expenses

What Should You Write Off? The Basics Ah, business expenses. The allure, the luxury, the… confusion? Often when thinking of a standard business expense, the same image comes to everyone’s mind… charging a lunch on the company card. Hey, who doesn’t love free lunch? I know I do. But, business expenses are much more involved…

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