The Operations Advantage™ Program

Delegate and improve the bookkeeping and payroll operations of your company with full-service bookkeeping and payroll for you and your employees, weekly and annual financial reports, cloud-based digital document storage, and more.

The Apparatus Operations Advantage™ Program is our full-service bookkeeping and payroll service designed for every small to mid-sized contracting company.

This package is best for contracting companies that don’t have the time, resources or skill set to staff a full-service bookkeeping and payroll capability.

Full Service Bookkeeping

Cloud-Based Document Archive

All your documents, invoices, receipts, paperwork and company forms will be filed into a cloud-based digital folder that only your company and Apparatus will have access to 24/7. This makes it easy to find the documents you need, as you need them.  No more clutter, and no more lost documentation!


Revenue and Receivables Management

As you secure new business, simply pass us copies of your new contracts and we’ll enter them into our bookkeeping system as receivables. When your customers pay, keep us informed and we will allocate the funds you receive to the correct open invoice. This ensures that you always have an accurate record of how much money you are owed, and by which client.

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Digital Invoicing for Digital Payment

We can send digital progress payment invoices or full invoices to your clients via email. They can then pay immediately via credit card or digital transfer direct from their bank account. Improve the accuracy of your receivables and the professionalism of your invoicing. Plus, it’s a quick and easy experience for your clients!

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Expenses and Payables Management

Simply take a digital photo of each receipt as you’re spending money and scan or email your bills to us as they come in. Then leave the bookkeeping to us! We update your books daily and provide you weekly reports via email.  You’ll  know exactly what you’ve spent and which bills you have yet to pay. You’ll also know how your business is performing – at a top level and at a project level.

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Bill Pay via Paper Check

Let us know which bills you want paid in full or in part and when. We’ll use our bookkeeping system to digitally process the printing and mailing of a paper check from your business account. This check will arrive at your vendor’s address via the USPS in your company name. It’s like automatic bill pay with a professional touch!


Checking Account Management

We’ll maintain real-time tracking and reporting of your account activity and balance. We ensure all your spending is allocated to the right accounts and the right projects. No longer will you have to wonder about your bank balance or where you stand with your cash flow.


Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax laws vary from state to state and are dependent upon services provided and materials purchased.  We’ll make sure your company is in compliance with the laws in your area so that there are no year-end surprises!

Full Service Payroll


Employee Onboard and Retention

We’ll make sure each new employee receives and completes the correct paperwork for tax and payroll purposes. We’ll also help you manage any on boarding documents or contracts specific to your company.

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Payroll Processing

Enjoy the freedom of automatic payroll for you and your employees. We’ll gather the necessary employee wage and tax information to set your entire company up on our payroll system. We’ll run payroll according to the operational needs of your company. You control the overhead information: funds, wages, and frequency at which it runs. We’ll do everything else in the background on an automatic schedule.

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Direct Deposit

Direct deposit keeps employers and employees happy due to its convenience and reliability. Funds will be deposited directly into the bank accounts of your payroll members according to your pre-arranged pay schedule. Pay stubs are sent via email every pay period, eliminating excess paper waste and increasing digital organization.

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Time Tracking

Your workers will track their time on our fillable, downloadable forms weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Once you’ve signed off on their wages, you send the forms to us in one easy bundle and we start running payroll for that period. We’ll have access to the correct pay scale and wages for each employee, whether hourly, salary, or contract.


State/Federal Tax Withholding

We set up the tax withholding from each paycheck for you and your employees so that you’re in compliance with state and federal tax law by year’s end. This ensures that local, state and federal taxes are being paid throughout the year and eliminates the stress you would otherwise feel wondering how much you’ll owe come tax time!

Comprehensive Financial Reporting


Real-Time Access to Key Financial Information

You’ll have real-time 24/7 access to your critical financial information right on your smart phone.   Bank balances, receivables detail, payables detail, and more, right at your fingertips.

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Weekly Customized and Pre-Formatted Reports

Each Monday you’ll begin your week with a full rundown of the operating results of your company – emailed to you in .pdf format.  Bank and credit card balances, receivables, payables, G&A spending for the current month and for the year so far, and net income at both the company and project level.   You’ll never again be flying blind, wondering how things are running and missing the opportunity to take action when needed.


End of Year CPA Reports

Have confidence in your business accounts and financials and avoid the all too familiar stress of tax season! We’ll make sure your finances are in order and accurate – at a company and project level – making your fiscal year as stress-free as possible. We’ll even provide you a detailed set of year-end reports that will help you or your CPA file tax returns for your company quickly and easily.


Annual 1099s

Annual 1099s are used to report the money you sent to independent contractors you employed in the prior calendar year. We’ll remove the headache and the guesswork by having this ready for you each year – and make your CPA’s life a bit easier, too!