Apparatus Scale! Program™

Scale to your potential as a business owner with this package, offering full digital marketing management so that you can retain old clients and secure new ones. The Scale! package offers everything found in both Start! and Grow!, and adds client list development, targeted digital marketing and email campaigns, blog development and Google AdWords management.

The Apparatus Scale! Program™ is our high-end service offering for contractors.

This package is best for a contracting company that is ready to fire on all cylinders!

All services in Start! and Grow! plus:

Full-Service Marketing

client list management

Client List Management

A well-managed list of past and present clients is the backbone of a great business. We’ll work with you to gather this information and store it in your cloud so that it’s easily accessible anything, anywhere. In addition, we’ll use our targeted marketing to remind your past clients of jobs well done and encourage prospective clients to call you for their next project.

targeted email campaigns

Targeted Email Campaigns

Once we have a list of past, present and prospective clients we’ll use it to send out business updates, project portfolio highlights and any other messaging you want your business to share. This is an excellent way to retain previous clients and to remind prospects that you are their best choice for high-quality, professional work.

social media marketing

Targeted Social Media Marketing

We’ve set up all your social media and you’re gaining some online traction – now let’s really work on getting new leads. Advertising, boosted posts, engagement and messaging management are all included in our targeted digital marketing.  We’ll set up advertising budgets you’re comfortable with and target the right audiences to get your company the results you want.

blog development

Blog Development and Maintenance

Think of a blog as the sibling of your website. We’ll build out a blog that will serve as the foundation for your professional portfolio. The best way to get new clients is to show off the work your company has done for happy, existing clients! Your portfolio can highlight specific projects or offer updates on general business – we’ll work with you to develop a messaging and posting strategy that’s best for your company.

adwords management

Google Adwords Management

The next step after setting up your website, blog and social media is making sure your company’s information is visible to anyone who might benefit from it.  Using Google AdWords®, we’ll optimize keywords most relevant to your contracting company and the services it provides, so that anyone searching for a similar service in your market will find you first.  Search optimization is one of the best ways to keep your company ahead of the competition.

Trusted Referrals

Certified Public Accountant

We want only the best for our clients. If you’re in need of a CPA for your end-of-year taxes or outside financial consulting, we’ll recommend the expert best suited to the needs of your business.

grow your business

Growth Strategy

Embarking on a sustainable growth strategy needs great tools and execution, but it also needs an overall framework and roadmap.   Apparatus can provide you the tools and execution support to achieve your growth goals, but some of our clients need help with the development of a plan for which services, clients, and markets to pursue.   If you need that help, we’ll work with you to find a trusted advisor who can help you chart your path forward while we help you with the journey.

business strategy

Business Strategy

As your contracting business grows in size, scope, and scale, the issues you’ll face will change.  As your business becomes a substantial operator in your market, you’ll need to begin considering more advanced tax strategies, more advanced asset protection strategies, and perhaps succession planning or advanced expansion strategies.  Apparatus can support your aggressive growth by helping drive the engine of new leads and customers, but other advanced growth strategies will need new advisors.  We’ll work with you to find the advisory partners you need to help you achieve your goals!