Apparatus Grow! Program™

Grow your business with marketing tools proven to boost visibility and help grow your client base. Our Grow! membership offers all the services found in Start! and adds marketing essentials such as business identity, a custom domain name, business email set up, a personalized website and social media account management.

The Apparatus Grow! Program™ is our mid-level service offering for contractors.

This package is best for contracting businesses that have a strong foundation and are ready to handle an increase in clients, projects and team members.

All services in Start! plus:

Essential Marketing

business identity

Business Identity

Every business needs an identity – a brand that your clients associate with your work and that becomes your reputation in the marketplace.  With Business Identity comes unique logo creation, business cards, company letterhead and more. Establishing a branded identity is crucial for your growing contracting business!



Creating a viable social media presence is crucial for any growing company.  Networking, referrals, project opportunities and potential new clients are at your digital fingertips!  We’ll set you up with your own Facebook® account so that your friends and clients can like and share your business information.

custom domain

Custom Domain Name

Brand your company’s online presence with a custom domain name that will be used for your website and email. Imagine the professionalism and legitimacy that comes with a domain ending in “”!



Get your contracting business established on one of the fastest moving social media platforms.  We’ll set up your page and you can start tweeting the latest updates about your company and the projects you have underway.

personalized website

Personalized Website

Boost your online visibility with a personalized website boasting your name and logo.  Your site will be a one-stop shop for prospective and current clients to learn more about your company, the services you provide, and the “social proof” provided by past clients and past projects.  This is an essential step to ensure that your contracting company is visible in the results of the online searches done by future clients looking for your services.



We’ll set up a Google+ page so your contracting company can network easily and make meaningful connections.  Stay up to date on the latest industry news and network within your market to grow your business’s online social circle.

business email

Business Email

A great company email address is both professional and memorable.  Clients are more likely to pass your information along if it’s easy to remember and relevant.  Apparatus will set your company up with a branded email specific only to you and your team so that you can promote your company name in your market.

A La Carte Services

Social Media Posts

Do you want to increase your social media presence?  Want to brag about a newly finished project?  Add social media posts to your plan whenever your company wants some extra traction and visibility in your market. (Available at the rate of $25/4 posts.)


Scope of Work and Estimate

After getting the preliminary information from you, we’ll put together a professional scope of work and corresponding estimate on your own branded letterhead. (Available at the rate of $25/ea.)

contract writing

Contract Writing

When you have a new client ready to work with you, we’ll write a professional contract on your own branded letterhead so you can focus on the project instead of the fine print! (Available at the rate of $25/ea.)

full proposal

Full Proposal Package

A prospective project deserves thought and professionalism. We’ll prepare and write the five main components of a proposal: scope of work, estimate, social proof/references, persuasive advertising copy and contract.   Your company will be ahead of the competition with a well-prepared proposal on your own branded letterhead. (Available at the rate of $40/proposal.)

Trusted Referrals

Certified Public Accountant

We want only the best for our clients. If you’re in need of a CPA for your end of year tax return filing or for financial consulting, we’ll recommend the expert best suited to the needs of your contracting business.

grow your business

Growth Strategy

Embarking on a sustainable growth strategy needs great tools and execution, but it also needs an overall framework and roadmap.   Apparatus can provide you the tools and execution support to achieve your growth goals, but some of our clients need help with the development of a plan for which services, clients, and markets to pursue.   If you need that help, we’ll work with you to find a trusted advisor who can help you chart your path forward while we help you with the journey.