Apparatus Foundation Services™

Select the one-time services you need to build a foundation for your business to grow.  The Apparatus Foundation Services™ is our suite of one-time specialized services designed for every growing contracting company.

These services are best for contracting companies that need support to address the challenges unique to starting and growing a contracting business. 

The Apparatus Foundation Services™ are available only to Apparatus clients who have enrolled in The Apparatus Operations Program™.

Foundation Services


LLC Formation and Registration

Turn your company into a profit machine!  We’ll help you register your business name and protect your personal assets by forming a limited liability company (LLC).  This is the first step toward getting you on the fast track to running a profitable business!

$399.00 plus local, state and federal fees

client list management

Catch Up Bookkeeping for Past Years

We can help you get your books fully up-to-date by entering all your sales, deposits, and business expenses for the past years.  We’ll reconcile your business bank and credit card accounts and generate an income statement and balance sheet for each past year. With these reports, your CPA can file your taxes for those missed years.


Priced on a case by case basis