Catch-Up Bookkeeping

Apparatus Catch-Up Bookkeeping ensures that prior transactions are fully reflected in your company’s books. Make sure that your books reflect your company’s history, and are ready to be a foundation for your company’s future!

Our fee for catch-up bookkeeping depends upon the quantity and quality of your records and the number of months of catch-up bookkeeping you need us to complete. Please contact us for details.

This service is best for contracting companies that need prior invoices, deposits, bills, and payments properly reflected in their existing books.  Our Catch-Up Bookkeeping service is available only to Apparatus clients who have enrolled in our Apparatus Operations Advantage™ program.

Catch-Up Bookkeeping

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Catch-Up Bookkeeping for Past Years

Our catch-up bookkeeping services can help you get your books fully up-to-date…you’ll even have tax-ready financials to hand to your CPA! With our catch-up bookkeeping, we’ll get your books up to date by 1.) entering all your sales and deposits for your past years, 2.) entering all your business expenses for your past years, 3.) reconciling your business bank and credit card accounts for your past years, and 4.) generating an income statement and balance sheet for each past year. With these reports in hand, you’ll be able to have your CPA file your taxes for those past years. Just think… headache gone!