Apparatus Trusted Referrals

Get the additional help you need from Apparatus’ network of professionals.  We know what we’re good at, and we know other service providers that can help you with the additional services you may need.

Our Apparatus Trusted Referrals are free to all Apparatus clients.

This service is best for any contracting company that is ready to fire on all cylinders!

Trusted Referrals

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Marketing Strategy

If your goals are to secure more projects, spread awareness of your services, and grow your business, you’ll need a sophisticated marketing plan to help you get there. Apparatus can match you with a marketing services provider whose skills meet the needs of your business. We’ll make sure your bookkeeping, payroll, and business needs are consistently met on our end. We strive to pair our clients with marketing companies who specialize in the contracting and trades industries, so you get a tailored marketing plan that helps you achieve your growth goals.

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Business Strategy

As your contracting business grows in size, scope, and scale, the issues you’ll face will change.  As your business becomes a substantial operator in your market, you’ll need to begin considering more advanced tax strategies, more advanced asset protection strategies, and perhaps succession planning or advanced expansion strategies.  Apparatus can support your aggressive growth by helping drive the engine of new leads and customers, but other advanced growth strategies will need new advisers.  We’ll work with you to find the advisory partners you need to help you achieve your goals!  

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Growth Strategy

Embarking on a sustainable growth strategy needs great tools and execution, but it also needs an overall framework and road map.  Apparatus can provide you the tools and execution support to achieve your growth goals, but some of our clients need help with the development of a plan for which services, clients, and markets to pursue.  If you need that help, we’ll work with you to find a trusted advisor who can help you chart your path forward while we help you with the journey.