Apparatus CRM Support

Apparatus CRM Support

Apparatus CRM Support ensures that your BuilderTrend®, CoConstruct®, ServiceFusion® or other construction-centered CRM system communicates continuously and accurately with your Apparatus QuickBooks® Online bookkeeping system.

We do the extra work to establish and maintain the “handshake” between your CRM and the bookkeeping system we maintain on your behalf so you get the power of a construction CRM and the bookkeeping accuracy you need.

Our fee for CRM Support is $200.00 per month, regardless of the brand of construction CRM tool you employ.  This fee is the same for our Start!, Build!, Grow!, or Scale! clients.

This service is required if you plan to use a construction CRM system in conjunction with your Apparatus bookkeeping service.

This service is best for contracting companies that need the power of a construction CRM platform and want this CRM to communicate directly with their Apparatus-maintained QuickBooks® Online bookkeeping toolset.