What to Expect with Apparatus

If you decided to become an Apparatus client, here is what you can expect the process to look like.

Phase 1:


The first step in becoming a client of Apparatus is all about collecting the information we need to establish your business in our systems.

  • First, we’ll work with you to set a “switchover” date for an upcoming Friday roughly two to three weeks in the future.  This will be the date we’ll take over responsibility for your bookkeeping.
  • Next, we’ll email you a Services Agreement that outlines the services we will provide to you and the fees you will be charged.  Our Services Agreement is month-to-month….no long term contract is required.

You should expect these forms from us within just a few days of receipt of your signed Services Agreement.

Phase 2:

Tools Setup

The next phase of becoming an Apparatus client involves getting the various tools set up so you can access your company records and smoothly coordinate with your Apparatus team. 

  • First, we’ll send you a set of information forms that we’ll have you to complete so that we can set up your bookkeeping, payroll and reporting systems on our end.
  • Next, we’ll give you access to a file sharing service called Dropbox® that will allow you to view your digital records online from your smart phone, iPad®, or desktop computer.

You can expect that we’ll have you set up on your digital tool set within about one week from our receipt of your signed Services Agreement.

Phase 3:

Bookkeeping Setup

The next phase in getting you set up as an Apparatus client involves opening a set of books so we can begin taking responsibility for your bookkeeping and payroll.

  • First, we’ll create a digital set of books specific to your company using Quickbooks Online®.
  • Next, we’ll get you and your team members set up in the Quickbooks Online® payroll system so all of you can start receiving your paychecks via direct-deposit every week.  We’ll also ensure that all federal, state, and local taxes are withheld and paid out weekly.   We’ll get all of your hourly team members set up on the Quickbooks TSheets® system so that timecards are easy to maintain and all your direct labor is booked to the right projects.
  • Then, we’ll set up smart-phone access to your bookkeeping system using the Quickbooks Online® phone app.  This will give you 24/7 access to reports showing your open invoices, open bills, and the financial status of your business.

You can expect that we’ll establish a switch over day that corresponds to the first of the first new month after you sign the Services Agreement, and that we’ll work with you each day prior to the switch over day to ensure that the transition of your bookkeeping system goes smoothly.

Phase 4:

Life as an Apparatus Client

The final phase of becoming an Apparatus client begins when all of the tools are in place and running.

  • First, we’ll help familiarize you with the tools we use and the capabilities that Apparatus brings to your business.  The time you need to settle in as an Apparatus client depends on your starting point.  If you are just setting up your contracting business, your Apparatus services will be there with you from the beginning.   If your business is an established contracting company, we’ll work with you before and after the switchover date to ensure that the process goes smoothly and effortlessly behind the scenes.
  • Finally, we’ll provide the ongoing support you need so that you stay informed about the operations and financial performance of your contracting business.

Our goal is to give you freedom from your books.  No more coming home at night worrying about bookkeeping and payroll.  This means less time worrying about your paperwork and more time focusing on your customers and growing a profitable contracting business!

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