Making This Decision

As you think about whether you should outsource your bookkeeping to Apparatus, here’s a powerful way to view the decision you are about to make.

Think of this as a project you are considering.

Stand back and look at the project clearly and concisely.

Specifically, you must be able to do the following:

1.)Get Very Clear about the project.
2.)Understand what is at stake with the project.
3.) Define success in advance for the project.


If you can do this for the project, the decision becomes straightforward.

Here is how that might look…

Get Very Clear

Purpose:   What do you want to accomplish?  What is your motivation?

Enlist the help of Apparatus Contractor Services to help me professionally manage my contracting business by creating, maintaining, and employing an accurate and up-to-date bookkeeping system.

Importance:   What is the difference this will make?  What impact will this have?       

By hiring Apparatus I will be able to turn over the financial record keeping of my business with complete confidence.  I will know that the process I have taken part in is proven to be effective.  I will learn what my role as a business owner is to effectively manage the financial side of my company.

Outcome:   What does the completed project look like?  What is the payoff?    

I turn over my books to Apparatus.  They reformat them and begin a process that they have proven to be effective.  I go through a bootcamp in which I learn from Apparatus the methods, reasons, and role I should be playing in my company’s finances.

Understand What Is At Stake

Best Result:   What is possible if you do take action?

I will be able to confidently turn over the financial record keeping of my business and free myself up from this task.  I will be able to understand the performance of my business in a way that I have never been able to in the past.  I will be able to make informed business decisions based on accurate books and records.  I will have complete records when I need them for warranty, tax, and legal needs.

Worst Result:    What’s at risk if you don’t take action?

I will continue to manage the bookkeeping and record keeping of my company without any formal training and without a consistent process.  I will have records, but will not have the confidence to know that they are accurate.   I will have problems getting loans, expanding my business, and making informed financial decisions.  I will lack the tools to be confident contracting entrepreneur for my clients, my employees, and myself.  I might even risk legal trouble or in the extreme, the failure of my business.

Define Success In Advance

Success: What specific results must be true for this project to be a success?

For this transition to Apparatus to be a success, I will need to have a set of books that are:

Structured:    ACS must implement a structured set of books and a process for entering and maintaining of my company’s transaction records.  All accounts must be up to date and reconciled on a monthly basis.

Accurate:   All transactions must be booked to the correct Chart of Account  line and the correct project.

Up to Date:   My books and financial records must be not more than 48 hours behind my business operations.  I must have the confidence to know that my financial records are constantly up to date.

Clear:   I must have reports available to me that are clear and easy to understand. I must be comfortable and confident making decisions from the information that these reports provide.

Accessible:    I must be able to have 24/7 to information and documents via the Quickbooks Online® and Dropbox® platforms. This will mean that my partners and employees will have the information they need, when they need it.