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The Best Role For A Contracting Business Owner

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How Delegators Save Time, Gain Focus, and See Success

The 4 Business Roles

How is your business running? More importantly, what role do you play to keep it running?

Are you a Laborer, Contributor, Supervisor, or Delegator?

I’m willing to bet 80% of our readers fall into one or more of the first three categories.

The Laborer’s main responsibility is to produce the work.   He’ll work long days, usually starting early mornings, and the range of his work throughout the day might not vary much.  He’s in the trenches and breaking a sweat to make sure the project is on track.  He’s usually exhausted by day’s end due to the physical demands of his role.

The Contributor isn’t as directly involved in the labor but adds significant impact to the overall project success.  The Contributor might be running for materials on and off throughout the day, checking in with vendors, making calls, and occasionally helping the laborers.   

The Supervisor is the most hands-off of the three roles.   He understands the scope of work in detail and knows what is required to achieve the desired result.  His time is spent micro or macro managing other team members and keeping the team on track.  He is also responsible for sudden strategy shifts if the job conditions require a change.

The Jack-of-All-Trades Problem

In our experience, most contractors are operating all three of the above roles.  Talk about exhausting!   Not only are these contractors juggling the three hats of Laborer, Contributor, and Supervisor, they’re also going home at night and putting on the Admin/Bookkeeper hat.  They spend their evenings back-tracking through their day to play admin, bookkeeper, payroll check writer, and bill manager.  

Contractor burnout is no joke… and it lead lots of contractors to quit the business or worse… it leads them to make mistakes that crash their businesses.

The good news?  There is a way out.  It won’t be an overnight result.  The change will come once you commit to your business and recognize how critical your role is in its success.

It’s time to promote yourself to Delegator and get your business together once and for all.

It’s no secret that the most successful contractors spend less time working in their business and more time delegating to capable team members

Why?  Well, simply put, playing all roles in your business is a waste of your time.  Not the business’s time, but your time.

Think about it…you’re playing all the roles in your business during the day, and at night you are running the office.   And you’re doing it with depleted energy and diminished focus.  Most contractors are exhausted and just do the basics to keep the wheels on the business.  This leads to fudged or guesstimated numbers, lost receipts, late payments, and inaccurate financial reporting or worse, no reporting at all.

A Simple Business Solution

Now consider the impact to your business if you had an expert doing the back-office and bookkeeping tasks that you now do in the evenings.   An expert team like Apparatus can focus all their skills and energy to your bookkeeping and administration, allowing you to dedicate all your skills and energy to your new role as a Delegator. This means finding more clients, securing your next project, and growing your business. 

Doesn’t that sound like a simple solution?

The secret here is straightforward… delegate to experts those things that are outside of your core focus.   Your core focus is your current clients and securing new work.  Period.

How do you get from where you are today to this new role?  It’s all about baby steps.

Start by outsourcing the tasks that distract you the most and for which you have the least expertise.  This is almost certainly your administration and bookkeeping.  

Next, work with your team to clarify roles and pass from you to your group the next batch of responsibilities that keep you from your customers. 

Your business is waiting for you! Are you ready to become a Delegator?


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