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27 Things You Can Do For Your Business Instead of Bookkeeping

27 Things To Do Instead of Your Bookkeeping

27 Things You Can Do For Your Business Instead of Bookkeeping

We’ve had many clients come to Apparatus asking for bookkeeping help.

At minimum, these guys are spending at least four hours a week on their books.

Even if you’re spending just an hour a week on your books, it’s not a good use of your time.

To put this in perspective, here is a list of 27 things that a contractor can do for his business that would be a more valuable use of his time. From the easy to the complex, these suggestions are meant to illustrate just how much you can do to enhance your business, your reputation, and your skills.

All you need to do first is ask for help to get you out of that bookkeeping swamp!

Grow Your Business

1.) Respond to client calls and emails
2.) Post an ad for a new employee
3.) Design a company logo
4.) Set up an online ad campaign
5.) Schedule out your work week
6.) Draft an email campaign for your client list
7.) Explore a BuilderTrend demo
8.) Sign up for a contractors networking program
9.) Research trends in your industry
10.) Follow up call your latest clients
11.) Set up a Facebook Business page (blog)
12.) Reassess which suppliers have the best product for your buck
13.) Design and order business cards
14.) Learn how to upsell on new jobs
15.) Have performance meetings with your employees or subs
16.) Order company t-shirts
17.) De-clutter your truck
18.) Organize your garage or toolshed
19.) Download some of the best contractor’s apps
20.) Start a referral or word-of-mouth program (blog)
21.) Inventory your tools and supplies
22.) Register a company domain name
23.) Update your website, or build a website
24.) Create a professional project portfolio
25.) Write goals for your business
26.) Outsource more work
27.) Digitize all your important files

Still not convinced?

Still not convinced your time is better spent working on your business instead of in it? Don’t take our word for it. We have a great group of contractor clients who can tell you about the impact that Apparatus has had on their business. Check out their testimonials here.

Ready to offload your bookkeeping headaches once and for all?

We’re your team.


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