Level 3: The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp

If you’ve decided to become an Apparatus client, you’ll automatically be enrolled in our six-session Apparatus Bootcamp available only to Apparatus bookkeeping clients.When you become an Apparatus client, we use our online bootcamp to give you the understanding and insights you need so we can be successful delivering the results your company needs.

Here’s how it works:

Six weeks.  Six online sessions.  Six group Q&A calls, one each week after each session.

And here is what you’ll experience:

Session 1:           Your History, Your Goals, and Your Current Operations
Session 2:           Your New ACS Bookkeeping Structure
Session 3:           Your New ACS Bookkeeping Operations
Session 4:           Your New ACS Payroll Operations
Session 5:           Your New ACS Financial Reporting System
Session 6:           Your New Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Operations

You’ll come through this bootcamp with four new insights and capabilities, all of them leading to total bookkeeping confidence:

1.) Components:A comfortable understanding of the components of a well-designed contracting business bookkeeping system.
2.) Contents:Complete clarity on what is needed to keep a contracting business bookkeeping system up to date and accurate.
3.) Capabilities:An intuitive grasp of what is possible for your contracting business once you have a smoothly running bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting system.
4.) Collaboration:The excitement that comes from understanding how your collaboration with Apparatus will allow you to maintain and expand your bookkeeping system – and how it can transform the success of your contracting business.


The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp is free for all new Apparatus clients.   This program is available only for Apparatus clients.

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