Level 4: The ApparatusX™ Coaching Program

If you’re a contracting entrepreneur looking to get the most benefit possible from a precision set of contractor books, you should consider the ApparatusX™ Coaching Program.ApparatusX™ is a live online coaching program available to both Apparatus clients and non-clients.

Members meet monthly for a three-hour group Zoom®-based session, and weekly for a  thirty-minute personal check-in session.  In each session we help you make the most of your bookkeeping toolset to drive the revenue and profits of your growing contracting business.

ApparatusX™ is designed for truly ambitious contracting entrepreneurs who are seeking every possible edge to grow their contracting business.

Topics include legal structures, advanced financial strategies, partnerships and collaborations, strategic use of financial information, bidding and estimating for success, banking relationships, and a wide range of other topics.

Each session will provide cutting-edge material you can put to use immediately, and will showcase the ideas and results of other highly successful contractors as they employ these advanced topics.

ApparatusX™ is available to clients and non-clients for an additional fee.   The fee for active Apparatus clients is discounted.

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