Apparatus Training

Apparatus client companies come in all shapes and sizes…from small one-person trades to large organized homebuilders and commercial contractors.

One thing all our clients had in common when they reached out to Apparatus was they needed an end-to-end complete solution for their bookkeeping – custom designed for a contracting business.

They didn’t need information…they needed transformation.

They needed to move from the chaos and confusion of their current bookkeeping to a finely-tuned contracting business bookkeeping system designed specifically to help them grow their business.

And they knew that without at new system, they were stuck and unable to grow.

They’d hit a ceiling of complexity and they could not break through.

There’s an old piece of wisdom that says that you can’t solve a problem with the same level of thinking that caused the problem.   You have to move to a new level.

To achieve this level of transformation, we need to change your understanding of the problem, and your understanding of the solution.

In other words, we need to transform you before we can implement the changes required to give you the bookkeeping system you need to achieve your goals.

But….not every potential Apparatus client is ready for the same level of training.   For that reason, we have four distinct training paths you can choose from:

Level 1:  The Apparatus Continuous Library
Level 2:  The Apparatus Bookkeeping for Contractors Webinar Series
Level 3:   The Apparatus New Client Bootcamp
Level 4:   The ApparatusX™ Coaching Program