Answers to Apparatus’ FAQs

Q.)  What kind of businesses does Apparatus work with?

Apparatus specializes in the unique bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting needs of contracting businesses only. We have chosen not to offer our services to a broader range of small companies. By being narrowly focused, we can do a great job of addressing the specific needs of our contractor clients.

Q.)  What kinds of contractor clients are you looking for?

We are very selective…we don’t work with every potential contractor client. First, you need to be absolutely committed to growing your contracting business. Next, you need to recognize that having accurate, professional, and up-to-date books is critical to your growth. Third, you need to be coachable and ready to do your part to work with us to transform your bookkeeping into the competitive tool it can be for your business. If you are just looking for a bookkeeping service, we are not the answer. If instead you are looking for a strategic partner to help you develop and maintain a bookkeeping system that will be a foundation for your company’s growth, let’s talk!

Q.)  What problem does Apparatus solve?

We specialize in one thing and one thing only… transforming your bookkeeping from a necessary evil and source of confusion and chaos to a powerful tool that will allow you to rapidly grow a profitable contracting business. Our clients are just like you…they have the desire, but they lack the skills, time, and resources to create and maintain a set of books that is specifically designed for a contracting business. Just like you, they are dead tired of having inaccurate, incomplete, and confusing books and tired of paying non-expert staff to do work that gives them no useful information. If you’ve had enough and are ready to permanently solve your bookkeeping dilemma, Apparatus is the specialized solution you have been seeking.

Q.)  What outcome do you promise?

We’ll take whatever bookkeeping you have in place today and completely transform it to the powerful tool you need to grow your business. When you become an Apparatus client, you’ll have a bookkeeping, reporting, and payroll system for your business that is


1.) Structured: Based on the NAHB chart of accounts and products and services list
2.) Accurate: All transactions booked to the right line item and right project
3.) Up to Date: Consistently reflecting your current business operations
4.) Clear: Useful reports at a business and project level
5.) Accessible: 24/7 access via your smart phone, tablet, or PC

Q.)  I'm getting by with my bookkeeping and payroll now. Why should I consider switching to Apparatus?

Three reasons: focus, time, and results. First, every hour you spend focused on bookkeeping, payroll, and reporting is an hour that could have been spent with existing customers or new customers. Second, the time you put into doing your bookkeeping isn’t where you’re most productive in your business…it drags you down and wears you out. Finally, collaboration with skilled service providers is the secret of all successful business owners. Apparatus will give you the organized books, payroll and reporting you’ve always needed and wanted for your company.

Q.)  What makes Apparatus qualified to handle my bookkeeping, reporting, and payroll?

Our well-trained staff understands the unique challenges of contracting businesses and will manage your bookkeeping, reporting, and payroll with discretion, skill, and the utmost attention to detail.

Q.)  Your offices are in Oregon. Can I be an Apparatus client if I am not in Oregon?

Our offices are in Oregon, but we can work with any contracting business located anywhere in the US.

Q.)  If I decide to move forward with Apparatus, how long does it take before my services start?

You can start a subscription with Apparatus at any time. We can have you up and running as a new client in approximately ten days.

Q.)  I'm worried about losing control. How do I transition my company's bookkeeping to Apparatus?

We make that easy! If you’re like most contractors, you’ve come up with a system that helps you manage your books. It works, but it’s not perfect and it requires a lot of your time. Still, it’s hard to let go of control. Apparatus has a highly structured enrollment process that we can typically complete in approximately ten working days. Our Enrollment Team will work with you to collect the information we need with plenty of time and opportunity for you to ask questions, make specific report requests, and further customize your service. By the time your services begin, you’ll feel comfortable and confident that Apparatus is the right solution for you.

Q.)  Can I become an Apparatus client if I don't yet have an LLC?

Yes! No matter what form your contracting business is now, you can become a client of Apparatus. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or some other form, you are under no obligation to change your entity structure to become an Apparatus client.

Q.)  My company is small – I don’t have employees and I am not sure if I ever will. Can I become a client?

Yes! You don’t need to have employees to be a client of Apparatus. Many of our clients are small contractors who have no employees and they have no desire to add employees.

Q.)  Will I still need my CPA if I hire Apparatus to do my bookkeeping and payroll?

Apparatus provides bookkeeping, reporting, and payroll services, but you will still need a CPA to assist you with filing your tax return. Apparatus does work for you throughout the year that will eliminate or simplify much of the work your CPA typically does at year’s end, but we don’t replace the work of your CPA when it comes to tax return preparation.

Q.)  How much do your services cost?

See our Services and Prices page!

Q.)  Do I have to commit to a long contract?

No! Our Operations Advantage™ program is month-to-month, and you can cancel at any time. We believe in re-earning your trust and appreciation every month, and we work hard to make sure that we do so for all our contractor clients.

Q.)  I'm ready to become an Apparatus client. What's next?

Give us a call at (503)543-1525 or email us at info@apparatusteam.com.  Our Enrollment Team is available to answer your questions and help get you started!